Tuesday 25 With Brian Delatorre

Photo: Jonathan Mehring

1. Warm up trick:

2. Thing about MIA:
Family and friends

3. Thing about SF:

4. Thing about NYC:
The Summers

5. Question to be asked at a demo:
“Hey are you Jake Rupp?

6. Memory from filming the MIA video:
The day I ollied this street gap in SF. Just that whole day in itself was pretty memorable.

7. Skate spot:

8. Recent video part:
Night prowlers, Deshi.

9. All time skate video:

10. Album:
Thelonious Monk Trio

11. Song from a skate video:
Dj cheb i sabbah- Ganga Dev

12. Comment about the man-bun:
“Wrap it up.”

13. Thing about being pro:
I’m pro?

14. Thing to get for free:

15. Cartoon from your childhood:
Bobby’s World

16. TV Show:
“The Office”

17. Board graphic:
Any of Sean Cliver’s work

18. Skate shoe:
Era pros

19. Place to travel to:

20. Person to travel with:
80’s Joe

Winter in the Tropics from Strange Bird Distribution on Vimeo.

21. Junk food:
Haribo gummy bears

22. Food:

23. Person to skate with:
Dustin Eggling

24. Skate trend:
3 tricks in 1

25. Thing about skateboarding:
It’ll keep you forever young, and meeting amazing people around the world.

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