The Tuesday 25 with Daryl Angel

1. City for skating

2. Pro skater when you were a kid?
MJ, Aaron Vandenbulk Edward Devera

3. Actor/Actress

RIP Farrah Fawcett

4. Band/musician at the moment

Beach House

5. Video part

Jake Johnson

6. Place to eat:

Kazoo’s, Talaque paque, Krung thai,Original Joe’s

7. Video game..

Don’t Play

8. Warm up spot?


9. Quote

“The lights are on, but nobody’s home.”

10. Sports Team


11. Vacation spot:

I’m there

12. Skate shoe:


13. Foreign country:


14. blog:

Some Dude from SJ’s Photostream

15. Movie

Taken, just watched it

16. Thing to come home to after a trip:

My Lady. My friends. My bed My Living room my mother.

17. Magazine cover

Antwuan’s Thrasher photo annual

18. cartoon:

Family Guy

19. Partner in crime:
Hyphy Joe

20. Song from skate video:
Mind Field Soundtrack

21. TV show

Cheesy shit like reality TV.

22. Skatespot in San Jose
Can’t Tell

23. Skate web site.

24. non-skate, non-porn website


25. Thing about skateboarding

Fun as shit, but it hurts.

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