Under The Radar: Manny Santiago

1. Age ? I’im 20 years old.

2. Home ? Lowell, Massachussets

3. Sponsors ? Shorty’s Skateboards, DC Shoes, Oakley, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Pioneers Skateshop

4. Years skating ? Almost 6 year now….

5. Don’t leave home with out ? Mmhmm wallet, fresh T, Earings, and my BOSTON Fitted.

6. Favorite obstacle ? A nice perfect hip… funnest thing!

7. Worst descision ? Umm….Not starting skating sooner.

8. Goal in Life ? Make momma proud!!! just skate forever…

9. Favorite skater(s)? There’s so many umm, Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Pj, Ladd, Rodrigo Tx., Paul Rodriguez, Danny Garcia….FRIENDS!

10. Trick that gives you a letter in S.K.A.T.E? Damn ,Letting the secret out…Backside Flips

11. First Pro couch you slept on ? I wouldn’t say pro but Dave Bachinsky, I mean the kids pretty much pro. He kickflip “El Toro”…Pro enough for me!!!

12. Any One for a day ? Mmhhmm I’d have to say Marc Jonhson, that man’s got something incredible….OUTTA CONTROL, if not that, then Jessica Alba’s boyfriend…Hottest damn.

13. When you not skating you’re ? Bugging Justin Hogan about everything , or on that Myspace….you know how that goes, aint nuting like having new messages and comments.

14. Ultimate non-skate company sponsor? This is one is easy….(drumroll please) WALMART….that’s pimp.

15. Inspired by? Music, Skaters, I dont know just people….aint nuting like good ass filming thought. When you know the filmings good it inspires me to do a trick ..you know?

16. Best tour experience?
Well haven’t been on a real tour , but i went on a tour with Hoodlum Skateboards in Jan. as a guest skater, we went to Chi-City…did a couple demos and skated WARP skatepark alot. The park is amazing, and chilled at the homie Hurveys house. It was Me, Matt Fennell, Hurvey H.

17. Long Term Goals?
Just make it…….

18. So who would you like to thank?
All skaters, umm…Steve@Pioneers, Benny@Shortys, Dillin@Oakley, Darin @Thunder and Spitfire, Heath@DC, Rob@Tampa, Xeno, Pang, Bagel The Filmer, King Joe, Dave Bachinsky, David Hamzik, Nicky Lamarche, Matt Fennell, Hadley Crew, Jupiter Crew, Phill Scott Bobby Cheese@SJCP, And of course JUSTIN HOGAN!!!

19. Who’s hot in 06′?
Alot of people, Dave Bachinsky, Andrew Pott, Brad Cromer, Anthony Williams, Sean Conover, Dan Zvereff, John Coyne, Alex Gourdouros, Tommy Wisdom, John Wisdom, Brian Downey, Collin Hale, Matt Fennell, Morgan Smith….There’s so many

20. Dress up or dress down?
Dress up….aint nuting like being fresh…HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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