Vans Pass the Bucket with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament

As you may know, Jeff is an avid skateboarder and he’s identified skateboarding as an avenue for kids in impoverished areas to create some positivity in their lives and has donated a lot of time and money in this effort. Last fall, Jeff combined forces with a Native American youth organization, the Stronghold Society, along with to build a world-class skatepark on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, historically a tinderbox in US-Native American relations and one of the most impoverished areas in this hemisphere.

Pass the Bucket: Jeff Ament
While achieving tremendous success in the music industry as the bassist and co-founder of Pearl Jam, Jeff has made it his mission to pay it back as an activist, philanthropist, and skate park builder. Growing up with humble beginnings in rural Montana, Jeff witnessed not only the tranquility of rural life, but also the difficulties that can often accompany growing up in extremely isolated areas. Luckily, Jeff found skateboarding, fell in love with the sport, and discovered the self-confidence that it can inspire. Remembering his roots and the positive effects skateboarding can have on young people, Jeff currently helps build epic skateparks in some of the most rural and deprived areas in the west. His most recent venture on the impoverished Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, is maybe his most rewarding project to date.

Special thanks to those who made the Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark possible: Jeff Ament and Montana Pool Service, Jim Murphy and Wounded Knee Skateboards, Walt Pourier and the Stronghold Society, Mark Hubbard and Grindline Skateparks, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Vans, Ben Harper, Chris Sacca and the Eagle Bull Family

About the Stronghold Society
The Stronghold Society has a mission is to inspire confidence, creativity, hope, and ambition for the youth of native and non-native communities. They aim to encourage youth to take action to live a healthy life in mind, body, and spirit through the diverse means of skateboarding, arts, and creative movements.