Vans Pro Skate World Tour Continues

With 5 cities down and 3 to go, the Vans Pro Skate World Tour continues to throw down in Europe with Chris Nieratko documenting all the action! In the last five days, the crew took over Rowley’s hometown of Liverpool for a demo at Lost Art Skateshop, managed a delirious journey to Belgium for a Flesh and Bones visit, and suffered 36-hours of no sleep only to head straight for the smoky streets of Amsterdam. Follow Geoff Rowley, Chris Pfanner, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, Daniel Lutheran, Johnny Layton, Gilbert Crockett, Rowan Zorilla, Kris Vile, Nassim Guammaz and Sam Partaix for three more cities and an endless amount of ruckus on the Vans Pro Skate Tour blog, updated daily.