Vans Supply and Demand Art Show

Brooklyn’s House of Vans will hose the Supply and Demand art show starting on September 10th. Supply and Demand will feature works by Vans collaborative artists like Chris Yormick, Rich Jacobs, Jay Howell and Russ Pope and is sure to house some quality art. Check it out if you’re in Brooklyn or if you’re willing to make the trip.

Supply and Demand opens September 10th and alongside Vans, the event is cosponsored by Brooklyn Lager and Juxtapox art mag, so provided you’re on the invite list or you can finagle your way in, there will probably be free booze as an extra incentive to go.

“Supply And Demand art show in Brooklyn NY. The show will run with Chris Yormick, Rich Jacobs, Jay Howell and I. It’ll be during fashion week and the Quicksilver pro…. should be a ton of people. The Hole Gallery in Manhattan will be running art sales and we’ll have a special surprise DJ. Lots of new pieces and a huge installation.” – Russ Pope