Vans “Twenty” Art Show Photos

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Vans celebrated twenty years of the Half Cab with an art show featuring twenty photos of top pros wearing the shoe. The show spans from the early nineties all the way up to 2011. Check out the photos from the night.

The calm before the storm.

Amazing custom frames with the “waffle sole” imprinted in them.

The man of the hour and the past twenty years, Steve Caballero. He recently broke his arm in a dirt biking accident.

Jason Dill made it out to support the show.

Erik Ellington isn’t in this photo but the ramp Ray Barbee is skating was his when he used to live up in the hills.

Steve Cab with his photo.

Old Skateboarder staffers Aaron Meza and Ben Colen.

Epicly Later’d Patrick O’dell in front of Mark Gonzales front blunting, his favorite photo in the show.

Ben Colen with his photo of AVE that was a Skateboarder cover.

Two of the best bros in skateboarding, Stefan Janoski and Omar Salazar, standing in front of Fred Gall switch 5-0ing hubba, their favorite photo in the show.

Old Skateboarder staff photographer Mike O’Meally standing in front of his photo of Kenny Reed.

The show is now packed!

Mike Carroll, Sam Smyth, and Ben Colen in front of a photo of Mike Carroll.

The Muska. Nuf said.

Guy and Mike. Legends.

Going to be honest, I was pretty hyped to take this photo. These guys are the definition of legends. Christian Hosoi and Steve Cab.

Atiba in front of his photo of Ray Barbee.

Arto and Muska. Pretty sick.

AVE in front of himself.

Professional skateboarder and photographer Raymond Molinar.

I’ll end this post with this, the camo trio.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a video recap of the event with exclusive interviews from Lance Dawes (the curator of the show), Steve Cab, Erik Ellington and more. And check out some photos Vans took of the event HERE.