Viewfinder | Kyle Berard

1. You know when a photographer friend shoots a photo on the digital camera to get the lighting and angle right? I guess that’s what they’re doing here, who knows? Anyway, I played a joke on Rhino and did the old thumbs-up grinder. It turned out pretty good—so good, in fact, that I framed it and gave it to my mom on Mother’s Day. The look on her face stated that she wasn’t really sure what I’d been doing for the past eight to ten years.

2. I understand that a few skateboarders have started rapping as a very compromising segue to only God knows what or where. Now this is a bad idea for anyone and, of course, Kenny is way too legit to pull a stunt like that. This photo could almost be a bad skateboarding rap album cover—maybe if someone was doing a melon to fakie on the DIY graffiti quarterpipe—but the only thing is Pat’s skinny white ass is sitting dead smack in the middle. Skateboarding has a funny way of playing middleman for so many great relationships. None of us would have met if it weren’t for this formless and obscure lifestyle that we live and love so much. It’s hard to think of any alternative. Kenny and Pat are my heroes and I am so lucky to have met and traveled with them. It’s so sick to think about growing up while watching them making skateboarding better.

3. Flying to New Zealand for a contest and sleeping through it is a bummer. So, I decided to hop on a partial Hoon run in OZ to feel better about traveling all the way around the world and missing the objective completely. It ended up being one of the best trips I have been on. We went from park to park with a car full of great skateboarders who are now great friends.

4. I have co-owned Cardinal skateshop in Virginia Beach for almost six years with my dad. He is the buff dude in the doo rag. It has had its ups and downs over the years, but I am so used to it being there now that it’s second nature to meet up there and grip a board on the way to go skate. It’s been pretty sick, all things considered. This was at our five-year party down at the oceanfront. This old-ass man, maybe drunk or just really old, staggered in with his fly down and his hair up. We got him to pose and then told him about his zipper. He was straight out of the funny papers. You never know who will show up to a free kegger. He was probably wondering what he was doing there as well.

5. The beer wristwatch came about on a trip to North Carolina to skate pools. It really hasn’t come up too often since the trip, but it was really funny at the time. You know when you are on a trip that involves a lot of partying and something someone does or says sticks? This is what stuck: party time. The trip was the wildest three to five days ever. We were supposed to go to Raleigh with Rodent the next day and we told him we would meet him there. Then we went to the bar. We never made it to Raleigh.