Viewfinder | Mike Mo Capaldi

“She still calls my house every halloween AND does the
creepiest witch noise on our answering machine.”

1. This is my grandma, Mrs. Capaldi. She might be bummed that I used this photo of her, but I just think it’s way too amazing. She still calls my house every Halloween and does the creepiest witch noise on our answering machine. She probably thinks we are still 8 years old.

2. This is my older brother, Vince. Any girls out there like Shaun White? Well if you want a look-a-like, then hit him up on myspace.

3. I used to see my buddy Ross at Skatelab almost every day. He would always shred the pool and do amazing frontside 5-0s, and one day he finally fell doing one, and he hasn’t skated since. Ross come back to Skatelab!

4. This photo was on my Panasonic Blog a while ago. I was jet lagged and got up probably 6 hours before Biebel did. So I started taking photos of him and harassing him. Nice drool Beebs.

5. While we were in Arizona, Welsh was showing us around and as we pulled up next to him Malto threw a full hamburger at his car. Rob was so pissed, and all he said was, “I own this! This isn’t a rental!” He made Malto get out of the van and clean it. Nice tan line Welsh!