Washington Street Skate Park

Skatepark type: Concrete
Admission Fee Required: Free
Safety Gear Enforced: No
Location: West Washington St. and Pacific Hwy

Until 1999, San Diego had no skate park. Sinful! And if that was not bad enough, officers were paid double-time plus commission to work extra hours with the sole purpose of ticketing skateboarders. Thankfully, the city came to its senses and compromised with the skateboarding community.

The park can be broken down into four primary sections: the flow bowl section; the center bowl; the snake run section; and the pool. The main action occurs in the flow bowl section of the park, which features an S-shaped pump dong surrounded by a vert cinderblock punk wall on the left side, the big vert wall with the U-channel in the middle, the loveseat corner on the right side, and smaller bowl sections topped with pool coping, parking block coping, death box, etc. The bigger walls are about 9-11 feet tall, while the front of the flow area is about 5 feet tall, with tight tranny, pool coping, and a long loveseat in the middle of the wall. In the snake run, you’ll enjoy some tight turns, pool coping, hips, waterfalls, and a deathbox, until you reach the bowled end, which is tight and slightly over vert.

And for a little extra kick, the park has BBQ and miniature pool that serves as a sink or ice chest. The BBQ might just be the best feature in the entire park! Hats of to the WSVT crew for building this place, for fighting the fight with the city folks, and for creating such a novel design.