Wes Kremer is Pro


Sk8 Mafia welcomes its newest professional skateboarder, Wes Kremer. Wes has put in hard work for years, with standout video parts, sick trick selection, and raw talent, drive and style. Andrew Reynolds called him the future of skateboarding more or less, and you know the Boss don’t sign off on just anybody. Congrats to Wes and the Mafia.

The announcement of Wes’ promotion is a bit of a no-brainer. Kremer’s been killing it for years and in days of many kids going pro before they really get their name out, Wes has held off going pro too early, though the style and skill have always been there. It’s refreshing to say the least, and everyone at Skateboarder Magazine is psyched that he’s finally pro, though we’re glad that he took the time and made it all the more worthwhile.