WeSC Modern Primitives Lurkage

I’m not sure why, but Thursdays are the night for shit to do. Maybe a lot of people don’t have to work Friday morning like I do, but regardless there always seems to be something to do somewhere on a Thursday night, and there’s usually the promise of beer at the low low cost of free.
I like to drink as it is, plus times is tough, so when a friend asks me “Hey do you want to come hang out, look at some art, drink some beers, and get out of Orange County for a night,” I says to my friend, I says, “Friend, is that even a question?” So, short story shorter, the good people at WeSC held a little Arty (Art Party, yeah, I’m making up words now) at the POVevolving Gallery in Chinatown with paintings and shit from the likes of Russ Pope, Gareth Stehr, Shepherd Fairey, Jason Adams, Raymond Molinar, and Yoon Sul amongst others. I assumed you had to work in the morning and couldn’t make it out on a Thursday night, so I took it upon myself to take some pictures so you can see what you missed out on. You’re welcome, by the way–Christian Senrud