Western Edition

Western Edition is a San Francisco based skateboard company that has been in operation since 1999. The name is derived from the neighborhood “western addition” which was deemed the harlem of the west in the forties. Unfortunately shortly after its cultural rise came urban renewal, a project that called the neighborhood a slum and evicted residents to rebuild.

We see a parrelel between that and San Francisco skateboarding’s rise and attempted destruction, by the same system in the city. We aim to keep the flame of San Francisco skateboarding and its influence burning brightly at home and across the globe.

The current team consists of pros Brad Johnson, Pat Washington, Nikhil Thayer, and Japan based Koichi “Zizow” Kitamura. The ams are new riders, John Igei, Kellen James, and the Vancouver based Leks Baris.

For more information, video clips, and flics, check www.westernedition.tv and myspace.com/westernedition for regular updates. right on.