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Men’s Skateboard Street Final Standings

Final standings from X Games 12 Men’s Men’s Skateboard Street competition at STAPLES Center on August 4, 2005

1. Chris Cole
2. Ryan Sheckler
3. Andrew Reynolds
4. Jeremy Rogers
5. Eric Koston
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Paul Rodriguez
8. Nyjah Huston
9. Billy Marks
10. Rodolfo Ramos


LOS ANGELES – On Thursday at The STAPLES Center, Sandro Dias’ first run was good enough for Gold, as the Brazilian took home the X Games title in the men’s skateboard vert showdown.
Bob Burnquist nabbed silver and Bucky Lasek took home the bronze.
Andy Macdonald missed the podium, just 0.25 points behind Lasek.
The victory was the first X Games Skateboard Vert Gold for Dias, who won the bronze at X Games 11 and has won Vert titles multiple times at Latin X Games and Asian X Games competitions.
“I thought my score was too high,” quipped Dias, when asked if he was surprised his first run was enough for the victory. “But I love the judges.” That winning run included a Backside 540 McTwist to Tail, a Gnar Jar 540, Heel flip to front side slider and Ollie To Fakie.
Burnquist and Lasek both had strong runs with opportunities to take the gold, but in the end came up short. Burnquist on his final two runs fell on a switch kick flip after a frontside air to backside air.
“I feel very good about that run, because I connected every single obstacle on the ramp and it flowed all the way through,” said Burnquist. “The switch kick-flip that I couldn’t land – I’ll definitely loose sleep over that because I usually can land it. I think that if I had landed that, I might have got the gold.” Lasek put together a run that included a Frontside 540, Ollie Flip Fakie and Stalefish. “My body felt good for as battered as it was,” Lasek said. “I was feeling it on my third run but I was seeing about eight walls ahead of myself and fell on something easy.”

Men’s Skateboard Vert Finals

Final tandings from X Games 12 Men’s Skateboard Vert competition at STAPLES Center on August 3, 2005

1. Sandro Dias
2. Bob Burnquist
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Andy Macdonald
5. Rune Glifberg
6. Anthony Furlong
7. Mathias Ringstrom
8. Shawn White
9. Jean Postec
10. Tas Pappas

Women’s Skateboard Vert Finals

Final results from X Games 12 Women’s Skateboard Vert competition at STAPLES Center on August 3, 2005

Name Hometown

1. Cara-Beth Burnside

2. Mimi Knoop
3. Karen Jones
4. Jen O’Brien
5. Holly Lyons
6. Tina Neff
7. Jodi McDonald
8. Annie Sullivan

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