Zach Lyons Tuesday 25

1. DC local:
Brian Tucci, duh

2. Warm up spot:

3. Pulaski memory:
4th of July this past year with all the Kayo guys and all of my friends going nuts!

4. Organika dude:
KSW, he’s the best dude

5. ’09 Video part:
Jack Sabback Moving in Traffic

6. Video part of all time:
Jason Lee A Visual Sound

7. Band (currently):

8. Band all time:
Tegan and Sara

9. Flatground trick:
Fakie flip

10. Fast food order:
#1 Big Mac

11. Movie quote:
“Killing me wont bring back your god damn honey!”

12. Skate photo:
Aaron Szott bump ollie shot by Allen Ying

13. Thing about being on a mug:
People drinking the life out of me. Joke is on them, I taste like shit.

14. Thing about living in DC:
Well, I live in Maryland outside of the city, and that’s fun ’cause I get to skate in the city and hide in the burbs.

15. Incident involving Bobby Worrest:
Bobby once ate some bad fish and got real sick and passed out, so I had to carry him ten miles on my back to the ER. Then had to give him a pint of my blood. You’re welcome, Bobby!

16. Board graphic:
Organika Pop graphic

17. YouTube sensation:
The dog with no front legs

18. Current skate trend:
Giving me lots of money. I’m trying to get that one started.

19. Rory Sheridan video:

20. Best thing about PitCrew:
Friends and family for life, and immortality

21. Question to be asked at a demo:
Will you bang me and my mom?

22. Question to be asked in an interview:
Will you bang me and my mom?

23. Condiment:
Baby’s blood

24. Famous female:
Alexis Sablone. You’ll see.

25. Thing about skateboarding:
Everything else is kinda wack

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Hi Fi Wheels
Pitcrew Skateshop