Zach Wallin Interview

Old Man Zach, photo by John Bradford
Ollie up the stairs. Photo by John Bradford
Interview by Christian Senrud

In the current age of contest after contest, a guy like Zach Wallin is very refreshing. I’m sure he’s got the flips and dips that are wowing crowds from coast to coast, but that’s not when stands out when you see Zach skate. What will stand out is that he’s pushing harder, popping higher, skating whatever spot you take him to, and having a lot of laughs with his friends the whole time. Enjoi’s been hooking him up for a minute now, and with the work ethic of a carpenter coupled with Zach’s easy going nature, it might only be a short while before you’re seeing more from Old Man Zach on a more than flow basis.

How long have you been riding for enjoi?
Maybe three years?

How’d you link up with them?
Just skating around town. I’d see them at skateparks and got to know them. They talked to Matt Eversole when I was in Barcelona, and they started giving me skateboards.

What were you doing in Barcelona?
It was a Tiltmode trip and a couple of Enjoi dudes were already out there. They had two or three apartments. All the homies came out and I hopped on board for the trip, and met up with them, got to know everyone pretty good and became pretty good friends with them.

How’d you end up living with Louie?
It was getting pretty hectic at my parents’ house at the time, so I went through some shit and I ended up talking to Louie and he invited me to rent a room.

Is he a good roommate?
Yeah, he’s actually a fucking awesome roommate. We talk a lot of shit back and forth to each other. It’s cool. He’s always up to some random project. Just kind of keeps the house interesting, you know?

He was saying you’re the construction warden around the house whenever there’s a project. You’re like the foreman.
A foreman? I don’t know about that, but I definitely like to get hands on because I learned a lot from work. I’ve worked construction for probably about three years now.

How’d you get into that?
My pops. He works for this constructin company and I much needed a job and he’s the superintendent over there, so I just linked up with them. They do a lot of work in the San Francisco area. The commute sucks, but it’s work. I like it. I actually just finished my first semester of trade school. It’s a residential carpentry course. They got dope ass workshops in there and everything. It’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. The labor part of it sucks sometimes. Working with a bunch of construction assholes would suck too, but I mean it’s always entertaining. Better than sitting in an office.

My buddy’s uncle does construction and he literally drinks a 30 rack of shitty beer a day. Is that pretty standard?
Where, at the job site? I’ve seen people open a couple of beers here and there, but I mean, my superintendent or foreman would fuckin kill me if I did that. But I‘ve definitely seen it.

California probably has stricter regulations than say, rural Pennsylvania.
Ah yeah, you’ll probably have that.

Has life changed at all at The Mansion now that Louie got married?
Yeah a little bit. It’s kind of settling down a little more but there’s definitely party nights. But it’s pretty much basically the same thing. They were together while everyone lived here before and now there’s just a title on it. It’s fun.

How was Louie’s bachelor party?
That shit was awesome, man. It was over there at the racetrack. We all got wasted, went over there, made a bunch of shitty bets, and then drank some more. Partied. I think at one point on the drive home Christy, Louie’s wife, and Louie were really shit faced. I don’t know exactly what they were saying but Christy was saying something about a fishhook and she had her finger in a fishhook shape, grabbing Louie’s cheek. They were just going ape fishhooking Gangs of New York style.

Have you ever gotten hammered and woken up in one of the secret rooms in the mansion?
Maybe not one of the secret rooms, but I have definitely woken up hammered. I remember waking up and literally everything in my room was halfway out into to the living room. Don’t know how it got there. Don’t know why it was out there. That was pretty fucking strange

Sounds like ghost movers.
I don’t know man, because all my roommates were telling me that I was the only one like really wasted that night. I came home throwing cones and shit off the porch. I guess I was crawling through the hallways and stuff. It was honestly fun but shit man, gotta wake up and call everyone you saw and apologize to ‘em.

Does living in a place called The Mansion ever help seal the deal with women at the bar. Like “Hey we should kick it back at the mansion and ‘talk.’”
Actually, dude, in a weird way, it does because a lot of people know about this house, and everyone knows it as The Mansion. So someone will be like “Oh we’re going back to The Mansion. Let’s party.” And fuckin’ Louie, he started remodeling some of the house. The room he made and my room, he remodeled the shit out of it, so it’s like a brand new room. Brand new carpet, paint, wood, trim, windows. So girls are always psyched to come home to that.

How’d you get the nickname “The Rock?”
I have no clue. It’s a fuckin’ random one. We were just drunk one day and we were just spitting out movies, who would play who. And someone said I was the Rock and that’s basically it. Now I’m stuck with the nickname The Rock.

What are your other nicknames?
Uh, shit man, there’s a shitload. Um, what are they? Nana, Old Man Zach, Jackshack, Whack Wallin.

What’s the story behind the Jackshack?
It was actually on that Tiltmode trip in Barcelona. We were skating some random ten stair. And you know when you’re on a trip everyone bullshits around with everyone and gives funny names to certain things. We were all saying jackshack. Like there’s a jack shack near here. Go to the jackshack and get jacked. Then Caswell just spit out “Alright you do this one right here, you get a fuckin’ free trip to the jackshack.” And I landed the trick, and then, that was basically it. Everyone started calling me jackshack.

They didn’t take you to a rub and tug, they gave you the nickname instead?
Yeah, actually didn’t make it to the jack shack.

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