A Visual Trip Through Red Mountain’s The Gathering

For those who attend, The Gathering at Red is one of the more anticipated events of the year. The two-night photo and visual arts show usually coincides with Red Mountain‘s closing weekend, which gives the event a mix of visiting ski industry dignitaries and locals ready to unleash. It’s kicked off by a 2-day photo workshop hosted by esteemed ski photographer Marko Shapiro. To sum up the Gathering 5 in a word, it would be Awesome. Not the adjective, but the noun (and yes, it exists. We just made it up). We asked Corbin Crimmins, a Stevens Pass-based photographer, to give us a visual walk through the Awesome that was the 2013 Gathering.



Red Gathering Marko Shapiro

Then things became very Dire… Marko Shapiro is one heck of a character. This was my second year of taking his photo-workshop for the Gathering at Red Mountain Resort. Maybe I took the class to hang with the legends or maybe I took the class to show my support of how Awesome I think Marko is. Side by each, I am very happy and very appreciative of everything Marko has told me and shown me. Thanks Marko! CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



Red Gathering Photo Workshop


Jammie Tanner and Joe Sullivan, two of the five participants from Marko’s workshop, get some hands on training and teaching. Jammie, in the Red coat, left the night after class to travel to Nelson to work with J.P. Auclair. The look on Jamie’s face when he got the Facebook message was of shock and amazement. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



Red Gathering Simon Hillis


Red Mountain local Simon Hillis hit the sweet spot with perfect form again. Simon, who is 10, was one of four model/athletes the first day of the photo-workshop with Marko Shapiro. Thanks for all of the good Shredding! CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.




Go real fast then slash a turn! This guy knew the Awesome. Right out of the gate and into the bull ring is how Stan Rey operates. I have a lot of pictures of Stan charging with his perfect form. Stan went off to Fernie and won the Monster Enery Drink Enemy Lines Chinese Downhill the following weekend at Fernie. I’m very Stoked on this shot of him. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



Red Gathering Grafiti


This quote on the wall inside of the snowcat at Red Mountain is so fitting for how I feel after leaving The Gathering. Except the landing comes months after the air. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



Red Gathering Reddick

This is the most affection I have ever seen Marko give. Derek Taylor, Virginie Tisseau, Ace Kvale, Dave Reddick, Marko Shapiro and Bernie. This is one of the pictures that I really wanted to get while at the Gathering this year. This was taken right outside of the Start Shack Friday afternoon at the Gathering at Red Mountain. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.


red gathering kootenay mt culture

No soul stealing from either of these two. Peter Moynes and Mitchell Scott are usually the first to give it away! They are the men behind The Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine. It has pages full of mountain lore, canadian wisdom and lots of reasons to keep getting RAD!  CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering bro bomb 1


Todd from Bomb Snow Magazine out of Bozeman MT.  The cover alone makes this magazine jump out at you. The art and writing in the first few pages brought me back to my snowboarding roots and my carpentry hell. I’m being very dramatic. There is a short piece about a snowboard bum hanging siding in Bellingham and all of the job site mis-haps that had me laughing and happy to be where I was. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering chris center salomon


The Defender of Awesome. This guy was always on! Chris Center is the Salomon Rep for western Canada and is responsible for supporting and sponsoring lots of amazing young talent in the ski world! Then after skiing he goes into entertaining mode. I’m pretty sure the Gathering would not be the same without the continuous stoke from this man! CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering start house


Sam Woodward from  Nelson, B.C. busts out the Daffy that could change the entire ski industry. Back to the roots! No Heli’s, just chair lifts and shredding Rad ski Areas Like Red Mountain Resort. Look, even the Jones (aka the standard modern family) can shred with the local heavies. This is what I am all about these days! Way to execute on the oportunity Sam! CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering virginie


Virginie Tisseau and her future husband Tom Murdison enjoy the good life at Red Mountain Resort and participate in the festivities of the Start shack antics. This whole start-shack-jump-the-roof-idea came from Ace Kvale and Marko Shapiro’s vision of going back to their roots. Virginie is the Alpine Brand manager for Salomon Canada and very responsible for all of the things that make The Gathering at Red and Salomon so Awesome. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering francois


If you missed Francios Marseille and his presentation, you need to find his show. Not only is he one of the bravest of all the presenters, in a very creative and expressive way, but the guy also knows how to keep the good times rolling. If I had a bunch of newspaper and a need for a fire, his Stoke could light it and keep it going until sunrise. It’s not his fault he’s got so much Awesome. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering bar


The Bar started to melt shortly before the sun started to rise. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering self portrait


Not a lot of sleep the night before helps me fall into the creative zone easier. This is how I looked for the closing day festivities such as the Slush Cup and the Rafters Bar at Red Mountain Resort. I was feeling like a hang-over was starting to creep in, so I had another beer. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



red gathering lodge


The Peoples United Of Kokanee. Red Mountain locals sure know how to celebrate the ski lifestyle. The end of the season Slush Cup fills the deck on this Perfect April ski day. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.




red gathering bro bomb 2


Travis from Bomb Snow magazine. I got to spend a lot of time chatting about living in Bozeman, riding at Bridger Bowl and what brought us to The Gathering. I need to get another Bridger fix in next season for sure. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.



Red Gathering Towlie


I don’t have a TV at home, so I had no idea this guy was dressed as a character from South Park. But when Derek Taylor  yelled “hey Towel” at him he quickly responded with a “you're a towel," and the Awesome got lit one more time before leaving the Rafters Bar at Red Mountain for the last time of the season. Thank You to everyone that exchanged the Awesome and supported all of the positive behavior during my incredible time at Red Mountain for the 5th Annual Gathering. CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE.