Moments: Taco Tuesday in the Ogden Valley, Utah

Moments Wolf Mountain


Tuesdays can be a revered day during the winter months in a ski community. While many people are just getting into the swing of their weekly grind, relying on their memories of the previous weekend’s glory turns and parking lot beers to get them through the week, ski bums and ski professionals alike turn to the taco as an excuse to extend the laughs. Taco Tuesdays have become a weekly ritual amongst our evolving community of Ogden, Utah. The Taco has become a vehicle for cliché skier conversations and whiskey consumption. This revolving event can take on many shapes and sizes but the result is often the same—liquefied laughs and stories bring friends together, bonded by their love for an over stuffed taco. In this case, the lights of Wolf Mountain illuminate the background while a pallet fire warms the crowd.—Cam McLeod