Music Monday: The Renegade, Eric Hjorliefson

by Mike Rogge


Eric Hjorleifson is a tinkerer. From groundbreaking boots like the Dynafit Vulcan to 4FRNT skis like the Renegade and Hoji, to providing insight on design for Arc’Teryx, Hjorleifson prefers to be around his trade. He's a pretty good little skier too, having taken home a couple Powder Awards and starring in show-stopping segments in Matchstick Productions flicks. Below is a small musical look into the mind of Hoji.
Music Monday hoji
MTNAdvisor: Eric Hjorleifson by Mike Rogge on Grooveshark 
Top Five Songs I'm Listening To At The Moment:

1. "Clarification Of Meaning" by Random Rab

2. "Don't See The Point" by Alex Smoke

3. "El Capitalismo Foraneo" by Gotan Project

4. "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" by of Montreal

5. "Get It Together" by TM Juke
The song that reminds me of skiing the most is: "If 60's Was 90's" by Beautiful People, because it was in the soundtrack to one of my favorite ski movies back in the day.
You might be surprised to learn that I have quite a bit of tech beats in my music library.  Examples: Pole Folder, Pantha Du Prince, Gui Boratto and Wuppdeckmischmampflow. I find these beats to help me focus. I usually listen to them while working.
If I'm getting in the car to drive to Whistler Blackcomb to ski: (I mostly ride my bike to Whistler Blackcomb. It's only a few minutes away so no headphones necessary) If I did though, I would say it would have to change to suit the day and the mood. It would certainly have to be up beat, rhythmic and probably have a cinematic feel.
If music rights weren't an issue, I'd use "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead for a ski movie segment.
I live in Whistler BC and a local music act I've been listening to is The Eerie Green with Layten Kenneth Kramer. They’re out of Canmore, Alberta, which is where I’m actually from.
If I could only listen to one album the rest of my life, I'd listen to probably Pink Floyd's Darkside of The Moon, because it is a rock n' roll masterpiece and a timeless classic.