Brothers on the Run: Powder and Kickers

When embarking on a 15,000-mile road trip from Alaska to Chile, setbacks are bound to happen. The ways in which the unforeseen obstacles are handled can either make or break the trip. In the third episode of Brothers on the Run, featuring John and Eric Jackson, the brothers encounter a major setback when they learn their vehicles aren’t ready for the excursion. Instead of letting this pull down their morale, the brothers decide to stay in Alaska and shred late season powder. Their decision to stay was the right choice as the pros were treated to perfect conditions in the Alaskan backcountry.

Travis Rice and pro surfer Ian Walsh round out the epic crew and ride “dream lines” in pristine pow. Although against doctors orders, John decides to take a lap himself and tries out the backcountry booters. He successfully stomps tricks on both jumps, but takes a wicked spill on the landing. After flipping head over heels twice, John pops right up and rides away unscathed. This episode is filled with impressive snowboarding and is the last big mountain riding the brothers will get until they reach their final destination in Chile. That is, if they make it there.