Dispatches: Flow – 1.0 Getting Humped in Tahoe

Here’s the thing — Lake Tahoe is ridiculously awesome. All the time. Sure, everyone knows that it’s mind blowing during the winter season with the amount of resort options, gorgeous scenery, snowfall, backcountry spots, and don’t even get me started on the nightlife. Point being, you honestly cannot go wrong with this city.

FLOW seems to be well aware of this fact because they just cruised up to Boreal over the 4th of July for a little park shoot for their team video.

To share their experience up there, Tim Humphreys jumped on a Dispatches for SNOWBOARDER Magazine and gave the details on what they got into in one of the sickest places on earth.

Words & Photos: Tim Humphreys

Ahhhh, 4th of July Weekend in Tahoe. Where the beer Flows like drunken women in rubber dingys down the Truckee River, the burgers taste of rich mahogany, and the brownies everyone is eating make you feel kinda funny. I dunno about anyone else, but I saw none of that. I was locked away in my hotel room with our filmer, Drew. Sucks, but the Flow movie isn’t going to make itself. We didn’t come to Tahoe to be all depressed about missing holidays and making movies though. We came to meet up with Mr. Scotty Lago and Mr. Jeremy Thompson. The goal? To try and learn some shiny new moves on our stuntboards.

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