Eric Willett POV at Winter X

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to slay the slopestyle course or boost off the big air booter at the Winter X Games? Of course we all have, but will we ever actually get to feel those intense feelings? The answer is probably not, unless we’re an up and coming grom or a seasoned pro that’s been there and done that.

If those scenarios don’t quite fit your life, then there’s still hope for you to feel those feelings. Eric Willett from Breckenridge, Colorado takes you as close to the X Games course as possible. He straps on a Go Pro camera and sends it over the massive jumps and creases the most difficult rails, all while filming himself and putting you into the action.

Check out the videos of Eric stomping the course and putting down bangers on the Big Air jump. If these videos don’t get you amped to ride, then maybe you should pick up a new hobby.


Slope course with Eric Willett

Big Air Booter with Eric Willett.