Kevin Pearce makes Frends with the 404

Professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce hangs out with CNET’s The 404 Podcast (Photo: CNET/The 404)

Kevin Pearce has been on a bit of a traveling whirlwind as of late. He’s been busy making media appearances, working on projects for sponsors and supporting the Frends Crew. On a recent trip to NYC, he met up with the hosts of the 404 Podcast on and talked about everything from his miraculous recovery, to what he’s up to now, and also gives a sneak peek into the new line of Frend’s Headphones.

The podcast is a great look into how Kevin’s doing, what’s he’s been up to, and how he’s staying positive and motivated through it all. Keep up the good work Kevin. We’re stoked to see you back in the game buddy.

Check out the full video on the 404 Podcast. Here.