Ms. Superpark 6 Comes To A Close

Rider: Colleen Quigley FS tail tap Photo: Espen Lystad, (click photo for more)

Ms. Superpark 6 is done-zo and I had the opportunity to shwoop up to Snow Summit this weekend and peep the set up. Well, it wasn’t like I had some private screening of the Ms. Superpark features or anything…it was more like…it was open to the public…like everyone, and I just decided to go shred Summit on Sunday.

Anyway, it was awesome. So awesome in fact that it was too awesome for me and I didn’t get after any of the features. Ty V. from Burton, however, did. Case and point below.

Tap, tap, taparoo.

To say the least, the park was impressive and if I had the talent and/or balls, I would have had a great time in it. Ultimately, I did have a great time lapping the more me-sized park all day long.

After four days of non-stop riding, hot dog eating, and love-hate relationship with the weather; all the ladies got epic shots including some late night double teams on the channel gap and gigantic methods on the hip.

To enjoy the VIDEO from Day 3 of Ms. Superpark 6 presented by Gatorade at Snow Summit….go HERE.

Way to go Snow Summit for making this year’s Ms. Superpark possible.