Snowbasin Showdown- Snowboard Slope Finals

Sunday was a super funday at the Snowbasin stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Thats because it was action packed as snowboard slopestyle finals took place under sunny blue skies.

Kicking off the action were the ladies of shred who were ready to prove they could spin to win. Six girls lined up to lay down their stylie and technical runs on the Dew course. The competion proved stiff as the ladies were throwing banger after banger, each trying to out do each other for the win.

Spencer O’Brien led the throw down showing everyone her highly dialed skills on the jump features. Spencer sent it with back to back 540s on her first run that had her sitting pretty atop the leader board throughout the entire contest. On her second run, Spencer thought it would be fun to turn her backside 5 into a 7 on the last money booter. She nailed the trick without even trying it warmups. From here on out the ladies were trying to follow her lead, but were never able to crush it as much as Spence did.

Spencer O’brien
courtesy of Alli Sports

Jenny Jones was also riding really well, and earned herself a second place finish. Jones worked the tight course by timing her speed in and out of the jumps perfectly. With each spin, she landed on the money spot allowing her to set up and adjust for her next tricks perfectly. Her smooth tranisitions, and dialed style led her into 2nd.

Jenny Jones
courtesy of Alli Sports

Megan Ginter came in a respectable third with her trickery on the rails, and impressive amplitude on the jumps.

Megan Ginter
courtesy of Alli Sports

Women’s Podium
courtesy of Alli Sports

Noticeably missing from the podium was Jamie Anderson, who won the Breck stop of the Dew Tour, and has been annihilating most slope comps as of late. Anderson said she was having trouble with the quick transitions in to the jumps, saying “the course was a little too tight.” This proved to be an issue for the Men as well as many top riders were unable to execute a clean run.

However this was not the case for Mr. Charles Guldemon. Chaz came out firing from the gates and threw down a flawless run that had everyone gunning for his first place position. His 1260 on the bottom jump was epic, and his attempt at a 1440 was just nuts.. Bigs Ups to Chaz for laying it down and getting this win under his belt.

Chaz guldemond
courtesy of Alli Sports

The winner of the last stop in Breckenridge was young gun Tyler Flannagan. Tyler is only 16 years old, and is already riding with such intensity, it will be amazing to see how far this youngster goes. The Flan- Man, or more appropriate for his age, the TyGuy, had a great run, but wasn’t able to edge out Chaz.

Tyler Flanagan
Couresty of Alli Sports

Completing the top three was another young gun, this time being SLC loc Sage Kotsenburg. Sage was so smooth on the rails and was boosting on the jumps. His efforts were respectable, and landed him in 3rd place.

Sage Kotsenburg
courtesy of Alli Sports

Men’s Pipe Podium
Tyler- 1st, Chaz 2nd, Sage 3rd
courtesy of Alli Sports

With the conclusion of the men’s pipe, the second stop of the winter dew tour in Snowbasin came to an end. The four day fest was full of fun, and impressive skiing and riding. Congrats to all of the competitors, and we look forward to the next and final stop at Mt. Snow in Vermont.