2005 O’Neill Braggers Cup Surf Shop Challenge Presented by TransWorld SURF

Who doesn’t want to brag a little bit now and then? You’ve got to admit it’s fun to go toe to toe with your bro’s, colleagues, and rivals and give them a little taste of some old fashioned whup-ass! That is the whole premise behind the long running O’Neill Braggers Cup presented by TransWorld Surf. It’s only appropriate that the first surf shop owner and inventor of the wetsuit back in ’52, Jack O’Neill, keep with the longstanding tradition of supporting the shops that support us. The 2005 Braggers Cup is a way to provide core surf shops of the Mid-Atlantic, California, and Florida, a venue to throw it down for all they’re worth and show who has the best freakin’ team! So let’s put all the talking aside, put on the boxing gloves, and see who can step it up and win the thing! Then and only then, they will earn the right to brag about how their shop rules.

First up is the May 7th event being held on North Carolina’s fabled Outerbanks. If you work at a shop anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic and have a squadron of dedicated, salt crusted, lip bashing, barrel riding co-workers and team riders, then sign your team up now because your honor is on the line! Contact your local rep Dave Shotton for all the details. There is no better way to claim the right to rip than going head to head against your opponents in the water.

These events are not only a humongous amount of fun but they are free! There will be breakfast and lunch provided for the warriors as well as promo bags filled with all sorts of swag. Each member of the winning team gets 100 hard fought bucks to rub into the faces of the vanquished. Better still, their shop will get a free ad in Transworld Surf. And to top it off, the names of the winning shop teams from Florida, Outerbanks, and California will be thrown into a hat and one lucky team will get a trip to Hawaii and VIP access at the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing at Sunset! Beyond these epic prizes the winning team gets to display the coveted hard fought Braggers Cup for all to see shining victoriously at their shop. So sign up now and bring your mojo down to the Outerbanks because this thing is going to ROCK!

The Lowdown:

A one-day free surfing contest for 2 shop employees and 2 team riders.
A promo goody bag and special edition shirt.
Winners get prizes and $100.00 each.
Team winners get a free co-op ad in TransWorld SURF.
One Grand Prize team winner will be chosen from either the winners of the CA, OB, or FL event. The one lucky team gets a trip to Hawaii for VIP access at the O’Neill World Cup of surfing.

Dates and Locations

Outerbanks, North Carolina, May 7th
Huntington Beach, CA, September 23rd
Sebastian Inlet, Florida October 15th