2006 O’Neill Braggers Cup Kicks Off!

The time is here once again for the ultimate grudge match between surf shops. O’Neill’s 5th annual Braggers Cup kicks off this weekend at Nags Head , North Carolina May 6. As always the victors will be worshipped and the losers will be scorned and humiliated. There’s nothing nice about it and that’s the way we like it! It will surely prove to be a battle of epic proportions! Prestige, honor, and bragging rights are at stake and the question still remains. Who has the best surf shop on the east coast?

This is an event where we encourage hurling insults at your opponents. It is applauded when your rival surf shop competitor digs rail and flails like a kook! It brings great pleasure and amusement when your opponent blows the wave of the day. The event is filled with fun and larceny and no one is exempt from hearing it from the competition. But at the end of the day good surfing prevails and the best team wins!

The Braggers Cup implements the concept of the NSL’s The Game format where four man teams compete against each other. Each rider is scored on his top wave and they add the cumulative combined score for the team. In essence, every riders single wave is extremely important. The shops are allowed one pro, three shops riders and a whole lotta mojo! (Changes per contest director)

The Braggers Cup has a huge grand prize where the winner’s of each region will be selected in a drawing for a free trip and VIP passes to the North Shore to watch O’Neill’s World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach. We will also throw a barbeque and party at our Pipe House and the winners will hang with our pro’s Cory Lopez, Tamayo Perry, Timmy Reyes and a host of other rippers! To make the deal even sweeter we will award $500.00 bragging bucks to the winning team. On top of that the shop that wins will also receive a free congratulatory ad in TransWorld SURF Magazine. Also, every team entered receives a killer goody bag filled with all sorts of gear that will make any surfer stoked! Additional prizes and sponsors who are pitching in are: Freestyle Watches, Odyssey 2020 Sunglasses, TransWorld SURF, Gravity Skateboards, Da Kine, and Himaya.

But what could be the ultimate prize in winning the illustrious Braggers Cup Trophy is that it will give you one whole year of boasting and bragging about how you guys rip!

Bring it on and let’s see what you got!

Past Champions:
2002 Wave Riding Vehicles-Kittty Hawk
2003 17th Street Surf Shop-Va.Beach
2004 Whalebone Surf Shop-Va. Beach
2005 Wave Riding Vehicles-Va. Beach