2009 ASP Dream Tour Rookie Michel Bourez Joins The Future Fins Team

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Tahiti’s Michel Bourez as he goes into his rookie year on the ASP World Championship Tour—and deservedly so. “Spartan” as he’s called due to his ripped physique, is only the second Tahitian to make the World Tour and recently signed with Nike 6.0 after many years on the Quiksilver program.

Michel Bourez ASP World Tour Rookie Futures Fins


Michel Bourez joins Future Fins elite world team, and is looking forward to competing on the WCT with the world’s lightest, strongest, easiest fin system.

Michel Bourez, 23, following the footsteps of legendary Tahitian Vetea "Poto" David, becomes the second Tahitian to enter the elite ASP Top 45. Bourez will head for the Gold Coast of Australia in a month to surf his first Dream Tour event as a full time touring competitor. Bourez solidified his spot in the Top 45 with his win in epic conditions at the Reef Hawaiian Pro, with the final being held in flawless Haleiwa tubes. Bourez is viewed as one of the top rookies and is expected to cause serious damage against the big names.

“The level of surfing I saw from Michel during his run in France amazed me, as did his victory at Haleiwa. Michel has a bright future and Future Fins is proud to have him represent our brand,” says Tim Milliken, Marketing Director of Future Fins.

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