2009 Hurley Pro Lower Trestles Preview

Bobby Martinez
CJ Hobgood
Mick Fanning
Taylor Knox
Timmy Reyes
Jordy Smith
Taj Burrow
Jeremy Flore
Kelly Slater at Lower Trestles.

The top surfers in the world are once again heading toward Southern California for what is generally regarded as the best high performance wave on the tour. As the 6th stop on the 2009 ASP World Tour, the Hurley Pro is a vital contest in deciding the fates of the tour contenders. And this being Hurley’s first official year as title sponsor of the event, don’t be surprised if they go all out.

Joel Parkinson currently sits with a commanding 1404 point lead over 2nd place CJ Hobgood. Parko’s been on fire this season, winning three out of the five contests and he looks to further separate himself from the rest of the pack with a solid performance.

But as we’ve seen countless times, there are never any guarantees. Parko could have a shocker for the rest of the season and somehow get overtaken. It’s not the likeliest of scenarios, but that’s why we all watch isn’t it?

The waiting period is from September 12-19, 2009 and will be broadcast live here.

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Here’s our Fantasy Action Sports League teams for the 2009 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles:

Chris Cote

Winner: Dane Reynolds, he’s gonna go out there and do 540s over your skulls.

Shocker: We’ll see if he shows or not, but sources are saying that Parko will be at home and not at Lowers, in that case, his absence will shock some and stoke others, as in the rest of the top 45.

Best Rookie Performance: Nathaniel will shine, and if there’s waves Kekoa is gonna smash some rights to death.

Casey Koteen

Winner: I know Kelly will win, but I’d love to see Josh Kerr stomp some big airs for his first WCT win.

Shocker: It’s not all that shocking, but Adriano is on a tear and we might see the first Brazilian Lowers winner this year.

Best Rookie Performance: It’s Barca time.

Aaron Checkwood

Winner: In the past, it seemed like the non-regular winners would win (Egan, Lovett, Bede) and then Kelly would win…Lowers is always a crap shoot…I have no freakin’ idea so I’ll say Taj because he always gets so close and is in form.

Shocker: I hate predicting bad shockers so I’ll say a good shocker and say Heitor Alves will do some damage…he made quarters last year.

Best Rookie Performance: Gotta go with Kekoa…Nationals flashbacks.

Justin Cote

Winner: Josh Kerr cuz he sends us sick videos.

Shocker: Lowers will have some of the best surf the tour has seen all year. What was all that crap about a rebel tour? Viva the ASP!

Best Rookie Performance: Who cares, when’s the media heat, TWS will smoke those other fools!

Carl Steindler

Winner: Kelly. Bob [Hurley] might throw some extra $$ into the purse and that will give him all the motivation he needs. The man loves his cheddar.

Shocker: Freddy P. He kills it at Lowers with his great backhand to pair with his forehand attack. Plus he had that win there at the Nike comp a few months ago.

Best Rookie Performance: Tim Boal… don’t laugh at me but after watching him surf there at the Nike comp I was pretty impressed and he’s got a chance to do well. Euro force baby.

Ryan Brower

Winner: I think Dane’s got a chance to keep on a roll after J-Bay, but in my mind this event is gonna come down to Parko or Slater. If Parko falters, Slater is going to be there to attack and create a potential title chase going into the European leg. Remember the days when the title came down to Pipe?

Shocker: Though not much of a shocker at Lowers, Wardo hasn’t done much on tour this year. Lowers is his arena and he’ll be putting up a big result.

Best Rookie Performance: The world saw the abilities of Michel Bourez at J-Bay, and he’s going to continue to show what he can do out there.

Nick Jiampa

Winner: Slater. He’s won 3 out of the last 4 years. He always seems to shine and make good decisions at the Lowers contest.

Shocker: If he’s fully recovered from his ankle injury, Brett Simpson finishes in the top 3. And Parko (if he shows) loses early to make the rest of the world tour an actual battle.

Best Rookie Performance: Michel Bourez takes out a few of the bigger names.

2008 Lower Trestles Pro Highlights