2010: The Year In Covers

Makua Rothman

January 2010
Makua Rothman at Nias
It was one of the biggest swells of the season and Makua and Jamie O’Brien were all over it. Makua scored not one, but two covers (Surfing Magazine and TWS) from this session. Watch the movie Who Is JOB? for some amazing tube riding from this swell.

Dane Reynolds

February 2010
Dane Reynolds in France
Photographer Ryan Miller nailed this double-arm-drag-power hack of Dane during the annual World Tour stop in Europe. While the media usually focuses on Dane’s aerial assault, he is much more than an “air guy” as witnessed by this flawless French turn. Photo: Ryan Miller

Mark Healey

March 2010
Mark Healey at Waimea Bay
Riding a 9’4″ quad, Mark Healey thought he had this Waimea Bay widowmaker made until he hit a little lump in the face of the wave and got bucked up into the air and onto his face. No sweat for Healey though, the dude is an animal. Here him on Cote’s Cube talk about swimming with Great Whites and his thoughts on the Eddie.

Gavin Gillette

April 2010
Gavin Gillette at Backdoor Pipeline
This photo was shot during the Pipe Masters when Gavin Gillette beat Joel Parkinson to deny the Aussie a shot at the World Title. Seth Stafford shot it from the second floor balcony of the TransWorld SURF house at Rockpiles while eating a hot dog and drinking a Coors Light as our other guys were sweating it out on the beach. It was Gavin’s first cover and it couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy. Photo: Stafford/SPL

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