2012 TransWorld SURF Awards Presented By Verizon

2012 TransWorld Surf Awards
2012 TransWorld SURF Awards Presented By Verizon
These annual awards, chosen by a panel of experts, are being given to the surfers, events, waves, and happenings that made 2012 a year that changed surfing forever.

Contest Of The Year: Volcom Fiji Pro

The drama started before the first heat even paddled out. This contest nearly didn’t happen, but thank God it did. Viewers got to see World Tour surfers ripping everything from flawless six-foot Restaurants, to 12-foot Cloudbreak showing its teeth. And the ultimate highlight was the best expression session the surfing world has ever seen with the greatest big-wave surfers challenging 30-foot-plus Cloudbreak barrels from hell—legendary shit. This contest had something for everyone, and if we named a commentator of the year, it would no doubt be Mr. Dave Wassel after his performance throughout the event.


Cloudbreak on the “day of all days” during the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Dave Wassel Alex Gray

Volcom Fiji Pro color commentators Dave Wassel and Alex Gray with their customized “Contest Of The Year” machete. Photo: CC

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