2.7 Textbook – How To Do One-Footed Double-Grab Airswords by Josh Hoyer

How To Do One-Footed Double-Grab Airs
words by Josh Hoyer

“First things first. You want to know how to do an air? See Troy Tecklenberg’s Textbook in Volume One Number Six of TransWorld SURF. It seems like everyone is doing airs these days, so I’ve been trying to do different grab variations with spins for variety. Watch some skate or snow videos and go from there.” ¿Josh Hoyer

Step One:

In this step, try to find a good section. Make sure to stay centered over your board.

Step Two:

Grab both rails while centering your weight over the board.

Step Three:

Push your back foot out, and try not to overexaggerate your movement because kicking too hard would cause you to flip over and land on your back¿which is a hard way to land.

Step Four:

Make sure all of your weight is over your front foot. Look at the landing spot, and pull your leg back under you.

Step Five:

Let go of your rails, and straighten your legs to meet the landing¿prepare for the compression and ride out.