3rd Annual Surf Theatre Film Festival During the US Open, Featuring TransWorld’s Chris Coté

3rd Annual Surf Theatre Film Festival During the US Open of Surfing July 26th thru 29th 2005 Huntington Beach, CA

For the last 3 years, on a regularly scheduled basis, Big Red Productions has brought action sports videos to the big screen for the public to enjoy. In addition to our year- round scheduled events, we have found a natural fit for a Surf Film Festival during the world-famous US Open of Surfing competition at the Huntington Beach Pier.The Surf Theatre Film Festival is held at Mann’s Pierside Pavilion 6 Theatres located directly across Pacific Coast Highway from the Huntington Beach Pier at the intersection of Main and PCH.


Meet the filmmakers at the Opening Night Reception at Spark restaurant from 5 to 7 PM

Opening night: Tuesday, July 26th 7 PM Studio 411 Productions presents ALL ABOARD THE CRAZY TRAIN, the latest big wave surf film from Bam Man productions featuring Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Darrick Doerner and others in never before seen footage of Peahi, Maui during the historic winters of 2004 and 2005. We will have an encore screening of All Aboard the Crazy Train at 9 PM. This night is FREE to the public, compliments of STUDIO 411!

Wednesday, July 27th 7 PM: US Surf Team Fundraiser featuring video footage from the last year of team competition, team autographs, interviews and a bonus screening of the new Surf Tech video. Meet the future of pro surfing! Live musical performance by Will Dailey, straight off the ROOTS soundtrack for summer.

9 PM: 5 SUMMER STORIES, the classic by Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman. Summer, not a season, but a state of mind. “The Best Surfing Film ever made! This screening is FREE to the public compliments of Big Red Productions, so get there early!!

Thursday, July 28th 7 PM: Jesse’s Story:
Jesse’s Story is the true-life documentary of Quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer. Over the past 4 years, director/cinematographer Mark Jacobs has documented some of the most amazing feats of Jesse’s life. Jesse’s Story is much more than the celebrity story of Jesse Billauer. This film gives audiences an opportunity to experience life in Jesse’s shoes, where his love surfing comes from and most importantly… defining his need to “live life to the fullest”. Audiences will witness Jesse attempting fulfill his two biggest dreams… being barreled at Cloudbreak on Tavarua Island, Fiji and his diving with Great White sharks at Guadeloupe Island, Mexico. The film includes scenes with Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Christopher Reeve, Le Roy Grannis and a host of others. Music by Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Ben Kenney.Individually Wrapped Films and Life Rolls On presents Jesse’s Story. Produced by Troy Searer Executive Producer Mark Jacobs Jesse and Josh Billauer Edited by M13 Written, Directed and Photographed by Mark Jacobs.

This screening is a fundraiser for the Life Rolls On Foundation.

9 PM Brazilian Night featuring the film FABIO FABULOSO; a tribute to surfer Fabio Gouveia, the most successful Brazilian in the international surfing arena. Fabio, a national surfing legend, is also quite charismatic and funny. The pioneers of Brazilian extreme sports TV shows, Ricardo Bocão and Antônio Ricardo, have joined efforts with poet/screenwriter Pedro Cezar to present sports fans, as well as anyone who likes the ocean and good stories, with Fabinho Gouveia’s personal tale. Fabio Fabuloso won the audience prize at Festival do Rio 2004/Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and at the Mostra BR de Cinema/28th São Paulo International Film Festival. Fabio will be in attendance come meet the legend!

Friday July 29th 6 PM: Special short film by Chris Cote, go behind the scenes at the Globe Fiji Pro then stay for the features of the night:

Friday, July 29th 7 PM: BLACKWATER THE STORY OF TEAHUPOO, Australian filmmaker Tim Bonython’s documentary is the story of Teahupoo, a humble Tahitian village and a coral reef wave that “changed surfing forever, in the words of commentator Chris Malloy. With phenomenal never-before-seen footage of two days of surfing from this year’s Billabong Pro, the movie captures radical surfing action and exclusive interviews with over 50 great surfers. Top-notch music adds to a piece that focuses on the myths, facts, history, stories and unforgettable waves of this popular sport.

Closing: 9 PM Tribute to life-long waterman Herbie Fletcher, featuring toasts from well known surfers/filmmakers and industry personalities such as Greg MacGillivray, Dana Brown, Pete (PT) Townend and Bob “the Greek Bolen. We will play WAVE WARRIORS III, a groundbreaking surf film by Herbie Fletcher. A reception will immediately follow at Dukes restaurant. This night is sure to bring out some great stories, don’t miss it!!

Each night will also feature live bands, DJ’s and art exhibits and of course, our famous HUGE RAFFLES!! Win! Win! Win!

About Surf Theatre:

Back in the day, there was an actual movie house in downtown Huntington Beach dedicated to surf movies. Most HB residents have fond memories of spending days and evenings watching their friends or surf legends ripping it up on the big screen. After many years of hearing our friends and neighbors complain how they miss “the good ole days of Surf Theatre, we looked right across the street from the HB Pier, to Mann Theatres and asked the question: Why aren’t we still showing surf flicks in Surf City? And so, just like that, Big Red Productions has brought Surf Theatre back to Huntington Beach!

Of course, most surfers also skate, snowboard, BMX or moto-x, so we feature these videos as well! Now all action sports filmmakers have a place to showcase their hard work on the big screen!

Other factors also inspired us to start this venture; we want the kids to have the theatre experience. There is nothing like watching a great flick with 400 other hooting and hollering surfers, much different than sitting on the sofa. We also noticed that there just wasn’t a venue in this area for the new, young producers to show off to the public. These producers were forced to go to high school auditoriums or to trade shows where only a privileged few viewed their masterpiece. All of that has now changed. Welcome to the new Surf Theatre!!