5/24 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Rad Brad’s Mom
Just read your article on Brad when he lived at Stone Steps. Just to set the record straight, that was my house, I am Brad’s Mother, and I moved there so he and his sister could come back to Encinitas.Brad’s Father and I have been divorced since Brad was very little, but we remain friends. In most of these articles on Brad, it seems like he never had a Mother, and I feel that it is important to set the record straight. He is lucky that he has two parents who love him very much, and encourage and supported him in his chosen profession.
Thank You
Cheryl Gerlach Folwell

As they say, behind every great man is great woman. Thanks for bringing Brad back to Encinitas Cheryl, the town has never been the same!

Technically A Pro Surfer
Surfers love surfing. For many of us, our lives revolve around surfing, which comes with it’s own share of problems. Countless relationship problems, late to work again, maybe even getting fired.
What is the solution to this?
Surf for a living.
Which is exactly what I will be doing this summer. No I am not going pro. I’m not even good enough to get sponsored. But I am good enough to teach surf lessons. That sounds great, right? I am getting paid to surf. Now instead of being late to work because of surfing, I will be 2 hours early every day so that I can surf before I get paid to surf. What’s even better than getting paid to surf is doing it in Costa Rica, and Panama–a tax-deductible business trip. Not to mention tax deductions on work related surf gear: boards, wetsuits, etc. Getting paid to surf in Costa Rica and Panama. Doesn’t that sound like the greatest summer ever? I got the money surfing thing worked out, now if I can just figure out the girl part.

That surf camp gig may be even better than the WCT “job. Those guys are in Fiji right now paying $400 a day. If they lose in the first round, they won’t even make enough money to over their rent–much less the ensuing bar tab. Good luck with the girl part, I suggest some Spanish lessons.

You Guys Are Asses!
What kind of hack Photoshop job is that opening picture of Rockaway Beach? WTF? There are no mattresses lining the jetties out here. You’ve painted a picture of the New York City surf scene which is editorially unsound (and it looks like a 3rd grader does your retouching). The truth is that people love this beach and crap like this doesn’t exist. You’ve pissed off more than a few people – you should get your facts straight – the picture you’ve painted makes us look like we surf in a toilet. You guys are asses!

Allow me to pass this on to our resident Photoshop expert, Creative Director Marc Hostetter: “I guess we’ve been caught. When I first saw this photo I liked it, but there was just something missing. I thought to myself, ‘this image is far too naked and needs something on those rocks! But what? A flamingo? A bow-and-arrow set? A dreamcatcher? How about a unicorn? Close, but No.’ Then it came to me one day when I had just finshed photoshopping Laird Hamilton conoeing into solid 85-foot Jaws. ‘This shot needs a comfy, posture-pedic mattres on the jetty to convey an inviting place for wary surfers to take power-naps between sets.’ We’ll sell millions of magazines and I’ll be more rich than I already am. Brilliant!”
Kidding aside, It is a TransWorld Policy to never lie about an image by manipulating it’s physical content. We only bring out the best in color and qulaity in what’s recorded naturally by the photographer. Matresses included.

Sanoe Lake Fan
I was reading through your Galapagos Island article when I came across a certain sentence that caused me to pause for a second…
Flipping quickly back to page 144 for verification, I was amused, impressed, and a tad surprised. Magazines get so many letters about more women, less women, bikinis vs. boardshorts; it seems females in the sport are too frequently reduced to body parts not fellow surfers. Although I was a bit shocked at first with the new style of attracting sharks, I must say the article opened my eyes in the end. Not in a biological sense (I took that class in eighth grade), but in the talent, perspective, and quality of Ms. Sanoe Lake’s writing.
Not only is this woman beautiful and rips, but she isa very talented writer with a refreshing point of view.It is a little sad that such an obvious sentiment and possible shark attack had to draw my attention to the author of the piece, but I am glad.
Please keep up the good work and pass my congrats onto Sanoe if possible.
Thanks for stretching this surfer’s soul just a bit more in my waning years.
Carlsbad, California

Your right on the money about Sanoe, Sid. Smart, beautiful, and one hell of a surfer. Not to campare her to a fish, but Sanoe’s what us fishermen call a “22-incher which refers to the legal of a California Halibut–or a “keeper.

Get Your Boards On The Plane For Free
I’m a college student and have to fly to and from school with my boards frequently. This can get quite expensive because of the $80+ fee that airlines charge for surfboards. One tactic that I use to sneak my boards on is self check-in. Usually, there is only one person running 3 or 4 machines and they wouldn’t notice if you were trying to check a machine gun. Just thought I’d share that info with my fave magazine and its readers.
Miami, Florida

That’s one way. Another is to fly airlines that don’t charge an arm and a leg for our precious cargo. I just returned from Tahiti aboard Air Tahiti Nui and my boards were flown without charge.