6/14 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Mattress Drama Take 2
Just wanted to clear things up a bit. I Live & surf NS3 (Rockaway Beach) & I remember that mattress well, as do I remember the washing machine & car under the waves at certain locations. I also remember the crack head drunks that scream & yell at us out in the line up before they fall into the jetty & get all cut to ribbons only to climb back up to yell some more “Arrr kill yaas all!!”
This guy (who wrote a letter saying TW photo shopped the mattress into the photo) is just a DFD (down for the day) kook newbie. I’m sure that mattress was collected & in use to this day in someone’s lil’ cracked out apartment or under the boardwalk where many o’ homeless sleep. I love this place, the waves, the crack heads & that shot, but the fact is, Rock is full of wonders and undesirables. Sometimes it seems we surf a toilet but so be it, it’s our toilet, we love it. I wouldn’t change a thing & to say that the photographer, who is my next-door neighbor photo shopped that is a joke & only proves one thing for sure, there’s waaaay to many kooks online, on TV, in the movies, in the media & in the water.
Keep up the great work TWS Gregory has no clue & can surf the Jerz’ for we care.
F–k ’em all,

While I’ve only bodysurfed Rockaway, I did have the pleasure of getting stuck on the A-train and ended up in some god awful neighborhood. This was a just after 9/11 though and everybody was really cool to the newbie from San Diego. Is that proper use of the term “newbie? Whatever, thanks for the kudos, Psycho, you sound like a nice fella.

2 surfers from east coast.
will write, surf, or battle ninjas for food/clothing/shelter.
end transmission

See the shit I gotta deal with here? Why the hell would I give you guys my job? So I could end up on the East Coast version of Skid Row? Fuuhhgedaboutit, dudes.

Bring Back The Crank Calls!
Hey guys awesome mag! I was looking through some archive video stuff on your site and I saw “crank calls. I checked it out and it was so funny. I was just wondering how come you stopped doing it because “Coach Cote should be doing some of those on Coté’s Cube.

You never know when the Coach will stop by, check Coté’s Cube every Tuesday, you may be in for a surprise, Ryan. Howdy y’all! I’m a proud Texas ranch boy whose closest encounter with the ocean was a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. While I was in Iraq (I’m in the Army) I met a guy who couldn’t stop talking about “back home” (as we all did) and about surfing. I never gave surfing much thought but after hearing his stories and all the passion he put into them I started to get the itch. Now that I’m back home I went to the store and picked up a copy of your magazine along with a couple other surf mags. Y’all’s is by far the best. The pictures are great and full of action, the stories just keep getting me more and more excited even though half the time I don’t know what y’all are talking about or where these places are. I found a surf school on the Internet down in South Padre that I’m going to attend.
I don’t plan on becoming an instant surf sensation, but I’m real excited (or stoked as my buddy always said) about it.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank y’all for adding to my excitement for what just might become a new passion for me! Y’all take care now, thanks for such a great mag.
Ryan in Texas

I love when people get introduced to surfing and take to it like a bull after a pasture full of cows in heat. Sorry, that was my petty attempt at ranch humor. Anyway, get out there ranch boy, once you get yourself a good-sized wave it’ll be just like riding a bull back home!

Snaked By The Mailman
Instead of my brand new issue of TransWorld Surf’s volume 8, number 7–the long awaited Photo Issue–I received the following on a large white envelope with blue printing on the back: “Dear Valued Postal Customer: I want to extend my sincere apology as your Postmaster for the enclosed document that was inadvertently damaged in handling by your Postal Service. We are aware how important your mail is to you. With that in mind, we are forwarding it to you in an expeditious fashion…..” It went on about the amount of mail that they handle each year, how they do a great job, how they are trying to constantly improve processing methods etc. etc. I didn’t want to read anymore so I opened the envelope. Inside was the cover to my magazine and that was all. No contents, no articles, no ads, no photos and no letters to the editor. What a burn – totally snaked by the post office – enjoy my magazine Mr. Postman!
Chuck from HB

Bogus. Don’t worry though, Chuck, we love our fans and will send you another one ASAP.

What’s A Cheater Five?
I’m going to shorten my speech on how much surfing means to me by saying “I love surfing!”
But one thing that I don’t understand are big words tied along with surfing lingo. I was going through my older surf mags when I saw in your “Word on the Street” column where Oly Norris talks about surf at Beacons, at the end of his response to “Do you like big waves?” he asks if you have “Ever seen a cheater-five at triple over head bamboos?” What does that mean?!
Evan Nunez age 14

A cheater five is when you “cheat a noseride. Instead of “Hanging Ten (as in ten toes over the nose), you only put five toes (one foot) over the nose. Triple overhead means that if you were to stand at the bottom of the wave, it would be three times as tall as you are. For the record, Bamboos is rarely, if ever, triple overhead. Hope that helps, kid.

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