8/9 Big Wednesday Mailbox

Hawaiian Surfing Events In 2007?
I have been looking for surfing events for the forthcoming year 2007 on the internet, as my family and I are looking to arrange a holiday to Hawaii which will coincide with one of the great surfing events that take place there every year.
At the present time I have been unable to find anything relating to year 2007. This could be due to 2 things, the year 2007 has not yet been compiled or my searches are just plain rubbish.
Please, if you could find a spare moment and have any information regarding dates/times of 2007 surfing competitions within Hawaii, I would greatly appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
Ed in the UK

The three contests you want to watch in Hawaii all go down in late November and December–it’s called the Triple Crown Of Surfing and the world’s best surfers will all be there. Are you bringing your teenage daughters? If so, they’ll have a blast checking out all the surfer dudes as they battle the big waves of Sunset Beach, Pipeline, and Haleiwa. In all seriousness, check out the Pipeline Masters Movie trailer from Vans on the right side of this page.

Looking For The Curse Of The Giant Tortoise book
Can you tell me if there is anywhere to buy the book The Curse Of The Giant Tortoise? I’ve looked everywhere in the US I could think of with no luck.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

You must have read the great story that Sanoe Lake wrote about the Galapagos Islands where she mentioned the curse. After an exhaustive Google search (did you check that?) I found that while the book is readily available in Quito, Ecuador, it’s hard to find in the States. Know anyone going to Ecuador soon?

How To Make Money Without Selling Dope?
I’m a 17 year old surfer down here at the tip of Texas. I surf a spot on South Padre Island–not really too many good waves down here–hardly any to tell the truth–but we make the best of it. My question to you is I’m riding a 6’6 piece of crap board and need money fast. I was wondering if any of y’all know the best way of making cash without having to sell dope?
Rodrigo in Texas

There are these things called JOBS—a lot of people have them and I’m pretty sure they have them in Texas. Perhaps you could work at a surf school, deliver pizza, or be a busboy. I know, work is a four letter word, but it’s something we all have to deal with, except drug dealers and pro surfers.

How Did D.Hump Get Started?
I’m a student in the process of getting a degree in photography and journalism. I was wondering if I could have some information about how Dustin Humphrey got started as a photographer/journalist for TransWorld SURF? I would greatly appreciate it!

The incomparable Dustin Humphrey began his craft in an unusual manner. One day while surfing Uluwatu, on the island of Bali, Dustin ate shit really bad and ws dragged across the reef. Out of the water due to his numerous ref cuts, Dustin picked up a camera and began firing away, shooting his friends and locals alike. From there, the rest is history. While we’re on the subject, we just got the first copies of Dustin and Taylor Steele’s book and film project entitled Sipping Jetstreams. If you’re a fan now, you’re gonna blow a gasket when you see the oversized coffee table book! Check out the Sipping Jetstreams mission statement on the right and enjoy some of Dustin Humphrey’s work, too.