Air Wind? F—K Air Wind!

Air Wind? F—k Air Wind!

Generations collide in Morocco
By Justin Coté

Morocco is renowned for its legendary right pointbreaks. Waves like Anchor Point, La Source, Safi, and Killers have been in the surfing spotlight since the 1960s when Vietnam War draft dodgers smoked hashish and aimed their single fins toward the shoulder. The place has seen the whole gamut of surf travelers since then and is a well-worn path for European surfers and tourists. And while the famed points are still there and as good as ever, today’s surfing has taken on a more progressive, aerial approach, which doesn’t always take kindly to offshore winds and long, mushy pointbreaks.

You read that right. Dudes go on surf trips looking for blown-out surf. And not just any surfers—the best guys in the world scour the charts looking for light onshores and two- to three-foot wedges. Okay, maybe it hasn’t come to that, but the day is quickly approaching. From what I understand, a bit of onshore wind allows you to land more airs and therefore gather more “clips.”

It wasn’t always like that. Not when I was a kid. But then I thought about it. Some of the best times I’ve had in Puerto Escondido were after the wind had come up—around 11:00 a.m.—and Playa Zicatela became a skatepark with 10-foot ramps strewn about. Muy divertido. And at the end of the trip, you’d buy all your waves off this Canadian chick who had them on a VHS tape that she sold to you for 60 dollars. Got the clips.

So I get it. Kinda.

Kids these days are looking for air wind—five- to 10-knot gusts that blow side onshore, thus pushing the board into a surfer’s feet as he or she hucks themselves into the stratosphere. This is best practiced in out-of-the-way nooks and crannies where said surfer can hurl themselves into the air in hope of being the next to grace the cover of magazines and get footage good enough for a movie (all without getting “poached,” but that’s a whole ’nother story).

Anyone can get a web clip.

I hadn’t been to Morocco in 10 years but had always longed to go back, and I kept in touch with our Sipping Jetstreams trip host Denny from Moroccan Surf Adventures. After years of across-the-pond bantering via e-mail, it was decided that TransWorld SURF would make its triumphant return to Morocco in early 2013. A crew of hot young rippers was assembled and despite a horrid surf forecast, off we were.

Not so fast.