And So It Begins: Will Slater Show For Bells?

Personally I’m sick of this conversation, but when I see headlines like “No word from Slater but Parko thinks he’ll be at Bells” it becomes a topic. That said, the article quoted Parko as saying something along the lines of “He’ll show.” But it shouldn’t come to this, you signed up for the job, finish it! With the world in recession and people losing jobs left and right, would it be too much for Slater to go to Bells, surf a couple heats, win $30,000 and another Bells trophy, while at the same time shutting down those Aussies who were whooping it up at Snapper when you lost? Please go to Bells, Kelly.—JC

Kelly Slater A Fly In The Champagne

If he’s making appearances at movie premiers like he did for the A Fly In The Champagne Gold Coast premier, odds are Slater will go to Bells…Photo: Bielmann/SPL

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No word from Slater but Parko thinks he’ll be at Bells

WARY world No.1 Joel Parkinson is bracing for Kelly Slater to bounce back from his disastrous Quiksilver Pro campaign and continue to fight for an unprecedented 10th world crown.

Nine-time champion Slater is yet to confirm if he will compete at the next World Tour event at Bells Beach next month after bombing out of the Gold Coast season opener last Sunday.

After his shock elimination at the hands of 20-year-old wildcard Julian Wilson, Slater declined to comment on his competitive future.

But Quiksilver Pro winner Parkinson believes `you would be an idiot’ to think the American surfer won’t show when the Rip Curl Pro, the second event of the year, begins in Victoria on April 7.

“He didn’t win nine world titles for being a pushover,” said Parkinson, who defeated Brazilian Adriano de Souza in Quiksilver Pro final in epic Kirra surf last Wednesday.

“You have got to realise that you get two throwaway results and he knows he has got some really strong events coming up.”

What do you think? Will Kelly Slater show up to defend his title at th Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach? Let us know in the comment box below!