Andy Irons Wins South Africa’s Mr. Price Pro

Mr Price Pro

Men: 6 Star ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) Event #16 of 39
Women: 4 Star ASP WQS Event #7 of 20
North Beach, Durban
July 5-11, 2004

Andy Irons wins Mr Price Pro

Emslie third in final, moves to top of WQS ratings

Reigning two-time world champion Andy Irons from Kauai, Hawaii, put on a consummate display of contest surfing to power his way to victory in the R775 000 Mr Price Pro, a six star rated ASP World Qualifying Series event held in one to 1.5 metre (3-5 foot) waves at North Beach in Durban today (Sunday).

Irons needed just two good waves in the 30 minute final, racking up 8.50 points out of a possible 10 on the first and a near perfect 9.5 on the second, that he completed with an innovative reverse 360 degree turn as the wave closed out, to leave his three opponents needing a combination of scores in order to overtake him for the victory.

“I’m stoked to win this event and thanks to Roy, Greg and Damien for making it an exciting final, exclaimed the champion from the podium. “Thanks to you all for coming out, he added as he threw his contest vest to the screaming fans, “And lets get ready to party!

Roy Powers, 23, from Andy’s home town of Hanalei Bay on the north shore of the island of Kauai made it a one-two for the Hawaiians by coming from 40th seed to finish second while Red Surf team member Greg Emslie from East London, who was the first South African to reach the final of this event since 2000, placed third with current world #5 Damien Hobgood (Florida, USA) taking fourth.

Irons picked a US $15 000 (R90 000) pay cheque for his two day’s work, along with 2 500 points while Emslie’s haul of 1 825 rocketed him from third to the top of the WQS ratings ahead of Neco Padaratz (Brazil), virtually assuring the unassuming South African of requalification for the 2005 ASP World Championship Tour.

Yesterday Serena Brooke clinched her second successive victory in the four star rated $20 000 (R125 000) Mr Price Pro women’s event, finishing ahead of Rebecca Woods, Trudy Todd and Claire Bevilacqua in an all-Australian line-up.

The men’s final was held in the best surf for many years with solid overhead waves pouring into North Beach and peeling from pier to pier. The surf enabled the quality field to produce outstanding performances with Irons at the forefront, racking up the highest combined two wave heat total of 19.37 (from a possible 20) in his quarterfinal victory, which included a 9.70 and a 9.67 — the two highest scoring waves of the entire event.

The men’s final did not feature an Australian or a Brazilian for the first time in many years with Aussies Bede Durbidge and Luke Stedman finishing third in their semis for equal fifth place overall and Bernardo Pigmeu (Brazil) and Luke Munro (Aus) taking fourth in their respective semis and equal seventh in the event.

Durbanite David Weare was the second highest placed local, winning his round of 32 heat to reach the quarterfinals where he placed fourth behind Irons, Emslie and Australian Troy Brooks, collecting $1 900 (approx R11 500) and 1 125 points that boosted him from 43rd to 28th on WQS ratings.

The eight day event started last Sunday with a record field of 256 in the men’s event and 48 in the women’s. Jordy Smith, the 16 year-old Durban based ISA world U16 champion advanced through the most heats in the event, progressing through a phenomenal seven rounds from the opening round on Sunday to the round of 32 (round eight) today. Smith placed equal 25th overall with $1 500 (R9 000) and 900 points.

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Mr Price Pro
North Beach, Durban
Day Eight – Sunday July 11, 2004

Men’s Results

1 Andy Irons (Haw) 2 500 points US $15 000
2 Roy Powers (Haw) 2 150 points US $ 8 000
3 Greg Emslie (SAfr) 1 825 points US $ 6 000
4 Damien Hobgood (USA) 1 675 points US $ 4 000

(1st & 2nd to Final, 3rd = 5th place 15525 pts US $3 000, 4th = 7th place 1388 pts $2 600)

Heat 1: 1 A Irons (Haw) 2 G Emslie (SAfr) 3 B Durbidge (Aus) 4 B Pigmeu (Bra)
Heat 2: 1 R Powers (Haw) 2 D Hobgood (USA) 3 L Stedman (Aus) 4 L Munro (Aus)

(1st & 2nd to Semis, 3rd = 9th place 1 250 pts US $2 300, 4th = 13th place 1 125 pts $1 900)

Heat 1: 1 B Durbidge (Aus) 2 B Pigmeu (Bra) 3 R Monteiro (Bra) L Neves (Bra)
Heat 2: 1 A Irons (Haw) 2 G Emslie (SAfr) 3 T Brookes (Aus) 4 D Weare (SAfr)
Heat 3: 1 L Stedman (Aus) 2 L Munro (Aus) 3 V Ribas (Brz) 4 R Rocha (Brz)
Heat 4: 1 R Powers (Haw) 2 D Hobgood (USA) 3 P Moura (Brz) 4 T Munro (Aus)

Round of 32 (round 8)

(1st & 2nd to ¿ Finals, 3rd = 9th place 1 250 pts US $2 300, 4th = 13th place 1 125 points $1 900)

Heat 1: 1 R Monteiro (Bra) 2 B Pigmeu (Bra) 3 K Robb (Haw) 4 M Polo (Bra)
Heat 2: 1 B Durbidge (Aus) 2 L Neves (Bra) 3 S Garcia (Haw) 4 l Winkler (Aus)
Heat 3: 1 D Weare (SAfr) 2 T Brookes (Aus) 3 P O’Connell (USA) 4 P Rosa (Bra)
Heat 4: 1 A Irons (Haw) 2 G Emslie (SAfr) 3 S Cansdell (Aus) 4 B Fernandes (Bra)
Heat 5: 1 L Stedman (Aus) 2 L Munro (Aus) 3 F Patacchia (Haw) 4 M Rocha (Bra)
Heat 6: 1 R Rocha (Bra) 2 V Ribas (Bra) 3 P McDonald (Aus) 4 D Costa (Bra)
Heat 7: 1 P Moura (Bra) 2 T Munro (Aus) 3 G Kling (USA) 4 A Daltro (Bra)
Heat 8: 1 R Powers (Haw) 2 D Hobgood (USA) 3 K Otton (Aus) 4 J Smith (SAfr)

ASP World Qualifying Series

Ratings after Event #16 Mr Price Pro

1. Greg Emslie (ZAF) 7 973
2. Neco Padaratz (BRZ) 7 635
3. Chris Ward (USA) 6 723
4. Marcelo Nunes (BRZ) 6 555
5. Travis Logie (ZAF) 6 258
6. Renan Rocha (BRZ) 6 035
7. Raoni Monteiro (BRZ) 5 930
8. Roy Powers (HAW) 5 755
9. Kirk Flintoff (AUS) 5 620
10. Adrian Buchan (AUS) 5 610