Announcing Chrissy Hubbard As Miss July 2011

TransWorld SURF: Hometown?

Chrissy Blair: Orlando, Florida.


Modeling is my full time gig right now but I just graduated with a degree in graphic design from Flagler College in St. Augustine.

Are you a surfer girl?

No, I’m more of a wanna be surfer girl [laughs]. I’ve tried but I’m a huge wimp when the waves get big.

Why do so many beautiful girls come out of Florida?

I’m not sure. Maybe because there are a bunch of good looking parents around here?

Turns ons?

Someone who’s funny and has a good smile. I don’t like blondes because they remind me of my brother [laughs]. Honest and adventurous, too.

Turn offs?

Guys who are loud and obnoxious, cocky sweet talkers, and I don’t like Facebook stalkers.

Got a boyfriend?


What a lucky guy. Tell us something about yourself few people know.

I really like to get down and booty dance and I love Flaming Hot Cheetos.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be?

The same guy that all the girls say—Kelly Slater. My boyfriend kinda looks like him so if we broke up I’d go after him.

TransWorld SURF's Miss July 2011 Chrissy Blair

TransWorld SURF's Miss July 2011 Chrissy Blair