Announcing Miss February 2009 Summer Danner

Summer Danner Miss February 2009

Summer Danner on the sands of Off The Wall…All Photos: Tim Jones

After the most hottie-filled Model Search month ever, we had the arduous task of picking a winner. It wasn’t easy either…but after careful examination and heated debate we present to you Miss February 2009 Summer Danner from the Big Island of Hawaii! As well, big shout outs to our Miss February runner ups Lea Solomon from Barbados, Kai from Honolulu, Allie from SoCal/Hawaii, and Autumn from Florida. Thanks to everyone who entered, keep ‘em coming!

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Summer Danner Miss February 2009

Miss February 2009 18-year old Summer Grace Danner from Pahoa, Hawaii

College Student.

Let’s just say I’ve been wearing my flower behind my right ear lately…[That means single to you haoles].

How did you hear about the Model Search?
A friend suggested I try it out, but I’ve been aware of it for some time now.

Miss February 2009 Summer Danner

Do you surf?
I surf religiously…

Where’s your favorite spot?
I’m afraid my Big Island home break is top secret.

What are your career interests?

Nursing, Hawai’ian studies….and a handful of other things.

You said you’re into making jewelry. What kind of jewelry do you make?
All kinds but mainly earrings. I use mostly shells and pearls in my crafts…most of my girlfriends are talented jewelers as well!

And hula, how long have you been into that?
Not for long, but it has been a very beautiful addition to my life.

Tell us something about you that most people don’t know about you.
I’m on the dean’s list at the college I attend and I won the distinguished award for “Least Teeth” in second grade!

Miss February 2009 Summer Danner

Congratulations Summer—we’re sure that she’ll be looking good in her new swimsuit from B Swim! To enter the TransWorld SURF Model Search and have your shot at the ultimate title of Miss TransWorld SURF, email your photos (at least 1000 pixels wide) to Please include name, age, hometown, and a little something about yourself. Check out the updated Model Search every Friday at

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