Ashley Sky Named Miss June 2011

Congratulations to 20-year old Ashley Sky from Miami, Florida. The self-admitted shoe freak rocks up at 5’9”, is a sultry mix of Brazilian and Native American blood, and will be looking great in her new shades from Spy and bikini of her choice courtesy of B. Swim.

TransWorld SURF: Are you a surfer girl?

Ashley Sky: Only when I’m sleeping! Ha ha… No, but I would love to learn one day.

Regular or goofy?


Are you like Imelda Marcos shoe crazy or just like shoes a lot?

Shoes are my thing, but I’m not quite on her level…yet.

Turn ons?

Height, good style, nice smile, humor, neatness, good smelling, drive, and nothing gets me more than a sweet talker.

Turn offs?

Cockiness, huge muscles, hair gel, wrinkled clothes, dirty shoes, cat calls, and anyone that has the same job title as me.

Got a boyfriend?

I do. I’m a relationship type of girl.


Last dirty joke you told?

I love a good laugh but I wouldn’t even attempt to tell a joke. I’m a lady—that’s for the guys!

What’s your ethnicity?

I am an exotic blend of Brazilian and Native American.

Do you have any secret talents we should be made aware of?

I’m pretty dedicated to my yoga and pilates so I’d have to say that my flexibility is somewhat of a talent.

Intriguing. Where would your dream trip take you?

I would love to wake up in Tahiti one day…

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