ASR Coverage – Videos from the show floor

Videos from ASR

Day two videos

Matuse Wetsuits feature overview

…lost Energy Drink Girls

Bodyglove wetsuit review – Matt Walsh

Chris Cote explains the buying and selling process at ASR

Metal Mulisha bikinis with girls in them

Mrs Transworld at the Fox photo Booth

Braden Dahl with New Era

Ripcurl’s H-Bomb – heated wetsuit

More Day two

Oh yeah, Diana in the beer garden

Jason Magallenes



Nixon Booth – Scifi collection

Quiksilver Booth

Style Check

Electric Skateboard

Ryan Hurley previews Hurley’s new boardshorts

Day One Videos

Joel Tudor announces his Vans sponsorship

Allyance – Jake Arnold

Nike 6.0 Sierra Domailles

ASR Show Director Andy Tompkins

Ezekiel’s Jessica Rush and Akram Abdel

Rob Meronek with Skatepark of Tampa

New Era – Braden Dahl

Interview with Jeff Harbaugh and Cary Allington of ActionWatch

ZJ Boarding House – Todd Roberts and Mikke Pierson