Balaram Stack Gets Dealt In

Balaram Stack Awarded Quiksilver Pro New York Wildcard

Nineteen-year-old Balaram Stack oozes East Coast pride. It’s only fitting that long time sponsor Quiksilver would award him a wildcard into their World Tour event in his big apple backyard this coming September. We caught up with Bal today to congratulate him and get his thoughts on the upcoming event.

Balaram's solid air game makes him a dangerous wildcard on his home turf

Spinning out in Mexico. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Yeah Balaram! Congrats on getting the wildcard.

Yeah, thanks. I’m in Puerto with Clay Marzo, Cristobal De Col, Gabriel Villaran, and a couple other guys and I just found out. Stoked.

How are the waves at the moment?

It’s fun, nothing crazy—it’s a lot like the East Coast right now actually [laughs].

Sick. Now that it’s official, I’m sure it’s nice that people will finally stop asking you everyday if you’re getting it.

Yeah, definitely. Kind of a relief, I guess.

What were your initial thoughts when you found out the ASP scheduled the richest WT event ever in your backyard?

I didn’t really believe it at first. It’s hard enough to get a ’QS over here [on the East Coast], so I couldn’t believe they would hold a ’CT. When I realized it was happening, right where I surf everyday, a CT, I don’t know it’s crazy, I still don’t really understand it.

There’s some concern about the wave quality, but it’ll be pretty cool to see how it plays out.

Definitely, I would love to see it really good. It would shut a lot of people’s mouths. People are questioning the waves, they don’t even think it gets good, so I hope it’s pumping and proves them all wrong.

Lone Beach is known for pumping lefts. Balaram is equally dangerous on his backhand.

Long Beach is known for pumping lefts. Balaram is dangerous either way. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Have you had a chance to surf against any of the WT guys?

I’ve surfed against the Hobgoods, maybe a couple other guys but I don’t really have too much experience. When it comes down to it I just want to go out and put on a show and try not to look like an idiot. (Laughs) Maybe get lucky, make the heat. I’m gonna go up against number 1 one or 2 two in the world. I hope it’s Slater actually, that would be the sickest thing ever. I would way rather surf against him than a guy like, say, Adriano. Slater’s the man. I would love a heat with him and one other guy.

The pressure is off. It’s your backyard. Use that home field advantage.

Yeah, thanks, should be fun. When Long Beach is good it’s a draining left off the jetty, so f–k I guess it’s anyone’s game if it’s like that.

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