Big Wednesday Mailbox 1/17

Punched A Kid In The Face For Stealing Chocolate Milk
I’m 6’2″, 200 pounds and 14 years old. Recently, I rode my friend’s 6’5″ Byrne Tom Carroll Edition epoxy. I noticed it was much more buoyant than a normal 6’5″ yet I’m still not quite sure about what I need. Right now, I’m riding a 6’8″ stinger double winger and its about 4 inches thick. What should be the dimensions of the next board I buy and can i keep it short if I get an epoxy?Also, I recently got 2 days of in school suspension for punching a kid in the face for taking my chocolate milk. It was my first offense, so I only got 2 days. Anyway, I’d like to say thanks for providing me with reading entertainment for 14 hours. I carry the same 6 issues to every class and analyze them when things get boring.
Bobby A. of Atlantic Beach, Florida

Epoxy boards are generally more buoyant than traditional polyurethane boards, so yeah, you can ride ’em a bit shorter. Enjoy your fine issues of TransWorld SURF as you reflect upon your behavior. You wanna be an intern?

Clay Marzo Fan
Clay Marzo rips!
Thanks for putting our Maui boy on the cover!
You guys rule!!!!

Couldn’t agree more. Expect more Marz-nuts soon…

Don’t Text Message While Driving
If you ask me the photos of TransWorld SURF, combined with the comedic mind of this mildly perverted editor is a pretty cozy combo for a plane ride or bowel movement. However there is a time and place for your magazine, among other things. It doesn’t belong in the hands of little snot nose kids; it’s too funny and creative for them anyways. However, this quality material does find it’s way into the hands of kids, and I’m told they are an impressionable species. That’s why when it comes to doing interviews with guys like Yadin Nichol; you need to edit some of the content. Such boring talk about how the Aussies text message all the time is lame. Like a bunch of little junior high girls at a slumber party choking their tomogachi chickens. Yadin told your magazine that fellow Aussie texter Ry Craike “texts while driving”–that is one of the most dangerous ideas you can put into a young person’s mind, especially if they’re just learning how to drive, and just got a new phone for their birthday, holiday gift, etc. Please don’t just go passing this crap off as normal- it’s not! It translates to red asphalt and crowded funerals. You guys have a great mag, but try to keep all that handheld media garbage away from the already bogusly imploded Southern California highways. Take a gander out your window mate, that’s our life.
P.S.- you guys should do more AMERICAN scholastic surfing coverage- like COLLEGE DUDE! IRIE!

We couldn’t agree with you more, Leo. We’ll do out best to look out for this kind of thing in the future. Red asphalt is real kids, don’t dick around while you’re driving!

Is That All You Got?
I got school
I got pictures
I got Love
I got friends
I got phone
I got food
I got tech
I got Heat
I got soccer
I got waves
I got Books
I got phone
I got Milk
I got Miles
I got car
I got a bed
I got TransWorld SURF
(this magazine is the best you can get!:)…)
I got slippers
I got sand
I got a family
and that’s all I gotta say
Paula Russo

Got surf?

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