Billabong ‘Design For Humanity’ Party Pics And Video

Don’t call it a concert. Don’t call it an art show, or a party. Billabong’s Design For Humanity is a whole different creature. Let’s call it a celebration on steroids. One where music, drinks, and lights are coming at you from all directions, there’s an art show on every corner, and youth and beauty run rampant through the faux New York streets. Every year Billabong donates proceeds from the event to a charitable cause. This year VH1’s Save The Music program was the chosen charity—and the massive turnout is a good indication that a whole lot of music was saved on Wednesday night.

Le Blorr, a TransWorld SURF favorite, set the tone for the night with their psychedelic rock, as they played to an abnormally full and orange moon. Despite no dance floor on the Paramount Studios lot, the place turned into one happy dance party during one of the night’s highlights, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros set.

Courtney Conlogue was seen taking in the fashion show, as was Damien Fahrenfort and his two, yes, two, smoking’ hot dates: Kristin (his girlfriend) and Erica Hosseini.

As the full moon made its way across the LA sky the late night revelers indulged in food truck snacks and late night DJ sets by Mike Relm and Heart + Heat. Call it a concert, an art show or a party if you must, but really the only way to say it is, “Billabong’s Design For Humanity”—no gathering compares.—Cheyenne Arnold