Boost Mobile Pro: Round Two Wrap Up

If anyone needed a reminder that this isn’t the old ASP World Tour where guys tapped the lip seven times to the beach and were rewarded generously for it, Dane Reynolds did just that.

Reynolds, who lives a couple hours up the coast in Ventura, showed just why there has been so much hype surrounding the new “California Kid for the last couple of years. In his round two heat against #11 rated Dean “Dingo Morrison, Reynolds pulled off what many are calling one of the most radical maneuvers ever seen in a WCT heat. Morrison, who was holding priority, passed up an average looking right and Reynolds spun around for what looked like a mediocre wave. The wave grew a bit as it hit the inside and Dane smacked the lip once before going into a massive 360 air. He spun in the air, landed on the lip, spun it around, and stayed on his feet in the whitewash. Dingo saw the air from out the back and must’ve been shitting as he watched Reynolds blast the lip all the way into the shore break. The wave was scored a 9.57 and the Californian upstart sent Dingo packing. However, before anyone starts hyping the kid too hard, keep in mind he’s got some guy named Kelly Slater in his round three heat, which will run on Friday (Thursday’s competition has been called off).

Speaking of bags being packed, because this was round two, whoever lost today is out of the event and going home with a 33rd place in the Boost Mobile Pro. Some shockers were: Chris Ward losing at his home break and Bruce Irons losing to Brazilian injury wildcard Guiherme Herdy.

Winning their heats today and moving on to the third round were: C.J. Hobgood, Nathan Hedge, Damien Hobgood, Tim Curran, Shea Lopez, Luke Stedman, Greg Emslie, Jake Paterson, Victor Ribas, Peterson Rosa, Richie Lovett, Troy Brooks, and Marcelo Nunes.

In other news, Pacific Vibrations, a surf shop out of the Big Island of Hawai’i, won the Quiksilver Surf Shop Challenge and bragging rights as the most bad ass shop in the USA. Congratulations Pacific Vibrations!

Make sure to log onto Friday when competition resumes at Lower Trestles, the swell of the summer is coming…