Brett Burcher Wins $10,000 At Red Bull Junior Comp






Ocean and Earth team rider Brett Burcher headed home with the richest takings on the Pro Junior surfing circuit in his pocket. Burch scored himself a massive $10,000 after defeating Tahitian born Tamaroa McComb during the Red Bull Junior Surf Masters Final at Cronulla on the weekend.

This win marks the start of a comeback to competitive surfing for Burch who has been out of the water for some time with a busted leg

Burch has a never say die approach to competition that was witnessed during the pro junior in Bali earlier this year where he entered the water fifteen minutes late with no leggie, rubbing the sleep from his eyes to not only progress through but to also win the heat

Burch will be laughing all the way to the bank with this win (if he makes it in time).


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