CA Surf Festival: Big Shorts From Little Groms


Beginning October 6th through October 10th, the 3rd annual California Surf Festival presented by the California Surf Museum will be set up in Oceanside, CA for its annual surf fiesta showing premieres of surf films from all over the world. The festival will be held at two different locations in Oceanside—one being the Sunshine Brooks Theatre and the other at Grace Theater. With each night showing a variety of different films and a concert with the very talented Donavon Frankenreiter, the California Surf Festival will be an event for all to enjoy.

An exciting feature of the California Surf Festival will be the Grom Filmmakers’ Contest. This film contest features short five minutes films or surfing/skating from Grom filmmakers under the age of 19. The winner of this contest will have their film shown on the TransWorld SURF website, as well as a custom shaped SIMR Surfboard.

The finalists of the Grom Filmmakers’ Contest are Carly Stone (age 14), Joe Aaron (19), Austin Silvers (15), Zane Timpson (15), Orion Owens (16), Hunter Jones (15), and Dane Baldzikowski (18). Below we have the submissions from our finalists! Check them out!

Head over to and get a detailed list of events and info for all of the exciting shows and activities.

Here is the video by Carly Stone titled “What’s That?” “It’s a Grommet!”

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