Cali Rally: Team …Lost’s Pac Sun Sell Off Challenge

The Pac Sun challenge at the Grove with the …Lost crew was the setting for a movie!  This Hollywood outdoor mall set up was overwhelming and, what…don’t people have jobs in LA?  The crew was soliciting sales with free tees and hats for anyone who spent $25 or more in the store, but the clientele was of the rich and famous Beverly Hills type, so some cared and some cared less.  But regardless, the …Lost crew created a solid sales push for their two-hour Cali Rally Pac Sun Sales Challenge where the goal is to sell the most gear in a two-hour period and the team who sells the most wins the points!  The crew, consisting of Ash King, Robert Curtis, Chase Wilson, and James Wood, stood out front with …Lost giveaway signs that they made custom and specific for this challenge. A step up from the other teams who all competed in separate Pac Sun locations, they went all out to win this one. Team manager Ryan Simmons stood inside the store confirming receipt totals and handing out the free swag for supporting the …Lost crew by spending the loot.  Seemed to me that there were more ladies buying and solicited for this store than any other.  Those …Lost team has their priorities straight.  The tally is in but the crown and points for this challenge won’t be given out until the party on the 23rd so stay tuned for more Cali Rally adventures to come…–Charlie Anderson